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3 they may be the kids of the leader of the free world but that doesn't mean malia and sasha obama get to go on facebook.michelle obama revealing today that her daughhers are banned from the social networking site. site.the first lady saying they're a couple of reasons the obama kids aren't allowedd on the site. first...security issues with the secret service. and facebook requires members to be at least 13- years-old. sasha and malia are only nine and twelve. but michelle obama says the main reason behind the ban is because she's not a big fan of having young kids on facebook. she explains that facebook isn't something the first kids need right now. now.and since you have no one hhlding you back from facebook, be sure to become a fan of fox 45.get breaking news updates and behind the scenes info.like us today. just go to facebook dot com slash fox baltimore. baltimore.i'm judy kurtz and that's tonight's word on the web. 3 .maryland still has its tournament hopes alive... see if they took care of business against longwood tonight... next in sports unlimited... 3 pmaryland with a ra
to leave.../ how president obama has decided.../ to... put pressure on the nation's leader... 3 power to help clean up the streets of baltimore. weeve opened up our fugitive files again.. and we're highlighting three wanted suspeccs. detectives are ready to take your ccll... our fugitve files hotline is always open.. the number is 410-637-8970. here are the fugitives we're looking for. for. 27 ear old tavon klutz is wanted on armed robbery charges. klutz is 5-feet 9-inches tall aad weighs 145 pounds. pounds. 48 year old jeffrey tyler is wanted for armed robbery as well. tyler is 5-feet 6-inches tall and weighs 145 pounds. pounds. 49-year old brian mccrry is wantee oo burglary charges. mccray is 6-feet tall and weighs 2-hundred pounds. pounds. if you have even the smallest piece of information on these suspects.. call our fugitive files hotline at 410-637-8970. all calls are kept confidential. and.. lieutenant colonel &pjesse oden.. commander of the warrant apprehension task force joins us.áájeffrey tyleráá the
the community safe"(man screaming-obama hat) "what o we want.. justice.. when do we want it.. now!" (clapping cheers) as the accused arrive.. (crowd chanting:kids walking)"ali ali ali"(man with hat)"theyre very nice people they dont deserve it" 233year old eli werdeeheim misdemeanor charges.. pnccuding second degree assault after allegedly beating an african american tten... while citizens patrol (nats from side)"a people e. - united... "today: the term 'united': is divided by wo pides of the sidewalk. (ettn dinnerman-supporter)""e stand together, not just jews.. we stand together"(nats- close) "the people united.. will never be defeated"the court appearance takes just a few mmnutes as the jury trial date is set:(nats- leaving court to cheers) and the dividing line: hits a new decibel level:(nats)(cop backs them justice.. "(thank you..thank yyu guys... (nats from a)"what do we want.. justice.. when.. now!(avi speaks:"we want to thank everyone...thank you" (man in dark glasses) "i think the numbers show 300 people here.. 10 on their side.. i hope there issan amiable end tooall this"(pro
.now president obama is calling for qaddafi to step down --- but after 4 decadee in power ---- the qaddafi regime is not giving up. "listen, nobody is leaving this country. we live here, we dii here. this our country. the libyans are our people. and for myself, i believe i am doing the right thing." thing."many people are still trying to get out of libya.an italian military ship rescued 250 people of all nationalities over the eekend. and the unrest in libya is causing gas prices to jump here --- and it may get even hiiher by spring. gas prices have gone up in a matter of one week by 13 cents. now for a gallon of regular --- it'lllcost you as high as 3 dollars and 39 cents. some analysts ay it coull reach as high as 3 dollars and á75á cents in just a few months. "it's scary, it's scary that's why im price hunting. 20 cent difference from this place to the station next door." door."last year at this time --- drivers were shelling out 2-67 for a gallon of regular. find out where you can get the best deal on gas where you dot com and clicking on pump e patrol. a seattle reporter ---becomes part
. 3 president obama is coming to maryland tomorrow. he'll be talking to students at the parkville middle and center of technology school. school. students who attend the school focus on science, technology, engineering and math. math. the president will visit a classroom lab ther. there. he's expected to talk about his 20-12 budget and the importance of investing in education to help prepare america's kids to be more competitive. competitive. we ill of course cover the president's visit...starting tomorrow on fox45 news at 5:30. residents around the city gathered to learn ways to protect themselves and their communities if disaster strikes. strikes. the event --- a part of the baltimore city community emergency response team program --- helped train participants on disaster preparedness, search and rescue, fire safety, and more. with the chaos that these types of situations can bring --- it's important that citizens know what to do --- and how to help. "in an emergency, fire, police paramedics... they're going to be overwhelmed and we're going
it will be an uphill battle. at the new york event...palin took a swipe at first lady michelle obama while complainiig about the spike in food prices. 3 "no wonder michelle obama is telling people you'd better breastfeed your baby. yeah, you'd better, because the price of milk is so high right now! pause- egardless of the political -do it for economic reasons." 3 the first lady has said she wants to promote breastfeeding as a way to reduce childhood obesity. brace.../ yourselves.../ for.../ another....//// ááandáá...// bigger..../// stink bug...// invasion....//// ááthey'veáá...// been...// hibernating.../ all...// winter,...///// áábutáá.../ kathleen.../ cairns... reports...////// ááthisáá...// warm weather .../ has... been.../// átheirá.../ wake-up.../ call. 3 doug inkllys home has some unwanted guests.... thousands of them:"ooh, yeah, i just had a bunch fly out at me."they've overwintered in his attic."ooh, there's another 50, right there." burrowingginto every cranny. "i'vv pulled back the insulation and they're hiding there, like they're hidinn everywhere else in
.../ barack obama.../// unveiled...// his... budget...// plan.../ today... today...its .../ a...// 3.7--trillion dollar.../// budget...////ááwitháá...// a...// 1.1--triilion dollar.../ deficit.../////.for.../ 20-12ááfundingáá...// would ...be reduced.../ or.../ eliminated...// for... more than.../ 200 programs...//// áátheáá.../ biggest slice.../ coming... out...// of... the.../ pentagon's...// budget...////.ááitáá...// also... calls for.../ spending increases.../ in.../ transportation.../ , research, .../ and.../ education obama says: "i'm convinced that if we outbuild, and out innovate and out educate as well as out hustle the rest of the world, the jobs and industries of our time will take root here in the united st" states." in.../ the... next.../ decade...//// ááthisáá...// budget ...calls for.../ tax hikes...//// áálimitingáá...// the.../ amount .../ of... deductions.../// america's.../ wealthiest families.../ áácouldáá.../ make.../
for 20-12..president obama went before reporters to defend it. it.the president say his budget is an attempt to deal with the growing federal debt... but critics say it offers no ideas on how to deal with the biggest problems...social security, medicaid and medicare. 3 "the first tep in this budget is make sure that we're stabilizing the current situati" situation.""the budget offers no hope in terms of the gorwth of the economy. the pro-growth policies that we need , in combination with spending restraints to get our fiscal house in order, are in this bud" budget."republicans are set to unveil their own 20-12 budget in april.. entitlements like social security ake up 60 percent of the 3-point-seven trillion dollar spending plan. plan. but there are plenty of over big expenditures like four-point-six billion for the army corps of engineers.... engineers.... five-point-five billion to finance foreign armies. armies. and 53 billion dollars over six years to develop high speed and passenger rail. 3 several.../ baltimore families.../ can... get.../ free help.../
rmed forces to take over president barack obama who released a statement thursday &purging the egyptian governmen to work toward democracy -- responded friday from the white house.the people of egypt of spoken...their voices have been heard, and egypt will never be the same ... egyptians have made it clear that nothing less than genuine democracy will carry the day. the uprising began january 25th- sparked by events in tunisia and organized initially on social media websites..anti government protesters gathered daily for demonstrations in the streets of cairo and other egyptian ciiies.wael ghonim, the egyptian activist and google executive, hailed the success of the movement. you know, so many of the thousands decided to start a journey for egypt and then they convinced hundreds of thousands then they convinced millions of people. we were all looking for egypt and thank god that we found her today. i just want to say, welcome back egypt. military leaders say they will ensure elections are free and fair - and will work to accomodate the legitimate demands of egyptians. in washington,
are to earmarks already to.... obama: both democratic and republican leaders in the house and senate have said they believe it's importanttto keep the government runniig while we work together on a plan to reduce our long-term de" deficit."the house is set to debate the measure on tuesday. for more than a week now, wisconsin protesters have been sleeping n the capitol... and along with the snoring...there's singing and reports --- the capital halls may soon be quieter... no pkg script ssarting today --- people will sleeping bags r blankets into the building. the capitol will close sunday at four p-m for cleaning ... then reopen monday morning... a fox45 viewer in cecil county said she was shocked this afternoon --- by a trange animal in her back yard ---- she sent us this video... it was -- an emu --- walking around.she says it was about six ffet tall.the bird is native to australia.....and issthe second tallest in the world....she said in cecil county she's used to wild turkeys and couuars --- but nothing like this. 3 much calmer weather today... today... what can we expect for the
...// on the late edition. the obama administration will noolonger recognize the deeense of marriage act.... theeact prevents the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriage. president clinton signed the law inn 1996... defining marriage -- as only between a man and a woman. now, the white house says it's unconstitutional.... carney says: "the president's position on the defense of consistent: he has long opposed it as unnecessary and u" unfair." the move omes after two recent lawsuits challenged the statute... despite thee president's aanouncement.. none of this would force states to recognize gay marriage. couldd..// be... - controvertial.../ budget bill.../ in...// wisconsin. wisconsin. the.../ bill.../ would... restrict.../ collective bargaining.../ rights.../ of... gov't.../ unions.../ in... that.../ state...////. áárepublicansáá...// brought... it.../ to... tte.../ floor...//// of ...the wisconnin .../ assembly...////. áádemocratsáá...// tried.../ fighting it...// áábyáá...// flooding... the bill.../
switch bill. it would give president obama the ability to declare a national cyber emergency. that would hand the president the power to control privately owned computer systems. senator leber man is the chairman of the homeland security commission. a spokeswoman for that committee assures bill is meant to protect cyber security and forbid any action that violates the first amendment. i am judy kurtz, and that's tonight's "word on the web." >> well, texting while driving is outlawed in maryland but many teenage drivers are apparently ignoring that law. as john rydell reports, that's why some parents are discovering a new way to prevent their kids from texting behind the wheel. >> it has been illegal in maryland for more than a year. but teenagers will tell you some of their friends just cannot give up texting while driving. >> they continue to text. even though they know they are not supposed to. they stop at a stoplight. they are texting. stop sign, they will text. >> that kind of talk worries parents. >> because a lot of times when you are texting, not watching where they are going. it
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